How to make a new stage file

Minimal Hardware Requirements

You must have 256MB of memory and 256MB of swap per CPU core.

Example: 4 core CPU , need 1024MB memory and swap.

Diskspace is required 30GB for /

Build new stages

I have created a new script. Please run it on Gentoo/FreeBSD.

wget -O ~/ \
bash ~/

If you can make x86-fbsd stages as well if you're using amd64-fbsd.

bash ~/ x86

Please send me the log you have found any problem. The log can be created in the following ways.

bash &> ~/amd64-fbsd-9.1.log

Create an environment that I use usually...

MKSRC=NONE WORKDATE="remote" STABLE=1 bash &> ~/amd64-fbsd-9.1.log

How much time does it take


Core 2 Quad Q6600 (2.40GHz)
8GB + 2GB (SWAP)
80 GB for /

results is 8 hours.